Waterscales awarded 2016 ERC Starting Grant

I am truly grateful and honoured that the European Research Council has awarded me with a 5-year Starting Grant within Mathematics (PE1) to fund the Waterscales project, a project dedicated to the mathematical and computational foundations for modeling cerebral fluid flow.

The Waterscales vision

Over the next decades, mathematics and numerics could play a crucial role in gaining new insight into the mechanisms driving water transport through the brain. Indeed, medical doctors express an urgent need for multiscale modeling and simulation – to overcome fundamental limitations in traditional techniques. Surprisingly little attention has been paid to the numerics of the brain’s waterscape however, in stark contrast to the role of simulation in other fields of neuroscience, and key mathematical models and methods are missing. To address this important challenge, the overall ambition of the Waterscales project is to establish the mathematical, numerical and computational foundations for predictively modeling fluid flow and solute transport through the brain across spatiotemporal scales – from the cellular to the organ level.