The Numerical Waterscape of the Brain

The Numerical Waterscape of the Brain (Waterscape) is a research project (2016-2019) funded by the Research Council of Norway through the Young Research Talents/FRINATEK programme. I lead this project.

What is the brain’s waterscape?

Your brain has its own waterscape: Whether you are reading or sleeping, fluid flows through your brain tissue and clears out waste. New medical research has shown that this waterscape is more essential than what was previously believed and that this flow is indeed crucial for the brain’s well-being. In particular, the waste accumulation is linked to neurological diseases such as dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) and to brain swelling caused by stroke. Our aim in the Waterscape project is to develop a new numerical and technological foundation for computational studies of tissue fluid circulation and metabolic solute transport through the brain under both normal and pathological conditions.